The unpredictability of certain animals can pose risks to all those who come into contact with them


Owners are required to take appropriate steps to ensure that animals that they are responsible for, pose as little risk to others as possible. If they have failed however, and you have suffered as a result, specialist legal advice in the area of animal attacks can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Animal attacks can often have a significant physical, emotional and financial impact. At Prettys, our dedicated personal injury team can support you in making a compensation claim for any injuries or illness caused by animals.  

No matter the circumstances of the incident, for example, it might have been an equestrian accident or a dog bite, lawyers in Prettys’ personal injury team offer tailored, practical advice. Offering expert guidance throughout the process, our legal team aims to get you back to the position you were in before the accident occurred. 

What Can We Do For You?

At Prettys, our animal attack lawyers have extensive experience dealing with claims relating to animal attacks or contact with animals. This could involve:

  • Being bitten by a dog or horse
  • Suffering injury as a result of being thrown off a horse
  • Being bitten or injured by a farm / zoo animal

If you have suffered injury or illness as a result of coming into contact with an animal, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team. Our legal know-how and hands-on experience put you in the best possible position to make a successful claim.

Why Choose Prettys?

Our experienced team are able to assist with everything from cuts and bruises, through to the more serious injuries (such as spinal or brain injuries) as well as dealing with accidents which result in fatalities. We take the time to understand your individual situation and find a solution that is right for you.  

We work alongside a range of local experts, and in particular medical providers and rehabilitation experts who can assist you with getting back on your feet as soon as possible.

We deal with compensation claims on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning that if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t be responsible for paying our fees. 

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have  suffered an injury from an animal attack that wasn’t your fault, contact our team on 01473 232121, submit an online enquiry or email us on enquiry@prettys.co.uk.

Louise Plant
Senior Associate
Jade Boyle
Litigation Executive