When an incident arises in the workplace, it will often require an investigation to be professionally carried out


Sensitive workplace issues often require prompt and effective investigations to avoid escalation and ensure minimum impact to your business.
At Prettys, we help to minimise any financial, legal and reputational repercussions by devising smart, solution-focused strategies. We provide practical advice on all aspects of an investigation, from gathering and analysing evidence, building robust reports and taking cases to tribunal representation.

Prettys also has extensive experience in performing the role of ‘Investigating Officer’ and regularly undertakes investigations for its clients.  This involves gathering and analysing the evidence, asking the right questions (in the right way), and ensuring that the investigation and concluding report are comprehensive and robust.
Whether the issue concerns a grievance, harassment, disciplinary, accident or incident at work or any other workplace issue, our team will ensure the investigation is carried out systematically, objectively and fairly.

As well as offering responsive support when required, we also understand the value of providing a long-term legal solution. For this reason, we offer clients bespoke training sessions, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to perform their own investigations whenever the need arises.

What Can We Do For You?


At Prettys, our investigation lawyers can help your business conduct more effective workplace investigations. Our services include:

  • Workplace investigations into any HR-related issue
  • Investigations surrounding accidents or incidents in the workplace which give rise to Health & Safety or potential personal injury liabilities
  • Protecting you from potential financial, legal and reputational consequences
  • Investigations into an organisation’s culture, practices and procedures or to assist with identifying lessons to be learned following a defeat at the Employment Tribunal
  • Advice and training on investigatory processes and techniques

For any support or advice on conducting a workplace investigation, contact our team today.

Why Choose Prettys?


It is often the case that where an investigation is required, the reputational, legal or financial stakes for an organisation are high. Appointing an external investigator with the experience and skills to conduct the level of investigation is crucial. 

As one of the larger law firms in East Anglia, Prettys has a track record of providing commercially-focused legal advice and exceptional client service. We have lawyers with significant experience in conducting workplace investigations and a specialist knowledge and understanding of the relevant law, for example, investigations which require consideration of equality issues, whistleblowing, health and safety or personal injury.  

We understand that conducting investigations can put a strain on valuable resources, which is why we offer businesses tailored, practical and efficient solutions, providing accurate timescales and fee estimates at every step.  

To find out how we can help you and your business, contact our team of employee investigation lawyers on 01473 232121, submit an online enquiry or send us an email at enquiry@prettys.co.uk.

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