Our Legal Services For Construction Professionals

Legal services tailored to the Construction Industry

Construction specific legal advice you can depend on

Many of our clients depend on our in-depth understanding of the construction industry to navigate this highly regulated sector. Prettys combines a client-focused approach with commercially-minded strategies to assist your organisation in successfully setting up and completing complex construction and engineering projects.

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Construction Programme on time

Keep your construction projects on track

Prettys has experience in working for a wide range of construction-related clients on a variety of projects. Our solicitors can quickly understand your objectives and the nuances of a given project and take appropriate and measured action in the interest of your business. Our supportive solicitors can review, amend and negotiate contractual documents and provide ad-hoc support and training to your team.

Where there are early signs of a potential dispute that threatens to derail a project, the Prettys team can intervene to help avoid a dispute or bring forth alternative dispute resolution options. They can review and assess the situation and give timely and objective advice tailored to your business. 

Supporting SME contractors: Fixed Price Construction Contracts

Prettys Solicitors understand uncertainty around contract terms is a prevalent cause of disputes on construction projects. With small and medium size contractors (SMEs) in mind, Prettys has created an accessible and cost-effective range of Fixed Price Construction Contracts (FPCCs) that are designed to be universally applicable and appropriate for use on a wide variety of projects. Once purchased they can be used as many times as required.

The FPCCs include a sub-contract and consultant agreement, both of which can be amended to suit your specific project needs. The FPCCs can also be purchased individually or as a set, and either on a one-off or subscription basis.

Small SME Bricklaying Subcontractor
Construction Dispute Resolution

Extensive experience in Dispute Resolution

Prettys Solicitors industry experts are well versed in managing the burden of all types of construction disputes. The team offer client orientated and commercially minded advice to assist your organisation in avoiding, managing and, if necessary, resolving disputes quickly and effectively.
Our lawyers understand the complex and technical nature of construction projects and take a bespoke approach to a dispute. We can advise you on the merits of your case and, if necessary, act for you in a range of forums, including adjudication, litigation, mediation and arbitration. We can also assist in international disputes by virtue of our membership of Galexy, an international association of lawyers.