Case Study: How accidents can change lives

Lives can change in an instant and an accident can affect not only one life but also that of family and friends. Physical injury can lead to mental health issues and emotions that are difficult to manage.

Accidents can occur anywhere and what could seem trivial to many can be life-changing for others. 

Case Study

One of our clients experienced such an event. She had tripped over a sunken area of paving in a car park and suffered a fracture to her shoulder. Her recovery plateaued two years post-accident and some permanent ongoing symptoms remained, including a slight decrease in movement and an occasional ache in her shoulder. She was examined by a medical expert who was of the opinion that her prospects of returning to the industry that she worked in at the time of the accident were now reduced. 

The third-party insurers refused to accept liability for the accident, despite the photographs taken at the time of the accident, showing the area was defective. Their inspection records had failed to identify the defective area even when the car park was inspected the day before the accident. 

We were left with no other option but to issue County Court proceedings against the Defendant. Once the Defendant’s solicitors had been passed the matter, they finally offered to settle our client’s claim but maintained that they did not accept liability. After a short period of negotiation, we received a reasonable offer from the Defendant’s solicitors which was towards the top end of our valuation of the claim, and the client was happy to accept. 

Whilst our client’s shoulder will never return to its original state, the settlement will go some way to compensating our client for the injuries she sustained, as well as reminding the Defendant of their duty to make sure visitors are safe on their premises and ensuring that adequate inspections are carried out.

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Jade Boyle
Litigation Executive