Where we have indicated in accordance with the rules of the relevant court or tribunal that we accept service by email, we do so via the address service@prettys.co.uk subject to the following conditions:

  • you include our reference in the email;
  • if known, you copy in the fee earner at the firm with conduct of the matter; and
  • the total email size (including attachments) does not exceed 20MB.

We accept service of larger documents via Mimecast Large File Send links, which we can provide on request.

We also accept service of documents via other file-sharing systems provided that:

  • the relevant links are sent to us by email in accordance with the above policy on accepting service via email; and
  • it is possible to download the documents simply by following the links provided (ie no further credentials are required).

Further, where there is an established secure channel of communication (eg Mimecast Secure Email), we also accept service through this channel provided that, to the extent applicable, the message serving the documents complies with the above conditions on serving by email.

If serving documents via one of the above electronic means, please do not also send a hard copy.