Georgie Hall

Georgie Hall is “creative, empathetic and good to deal with”– Chambers


Georgie has headed the Family Law department from 2003 to 2019. She is now Head of the Personal Law  department which encompasses the Family, Estates, Wills and Trusts, Residential Conveyancing and Personal Injury teams.

Georgie’s entire case load comes by way of recommendation, either from her own clients or other professionals. Whilst Georgie covers all areas of relationship breakdown whether it be finances, children, pre or post-marriage clarification as to asset division, her hallmark is seen as the quality of client care she provides.

Georgie specialises in dispute resolution alternate to court, working as a mediator and collaborative solicitor. The bulk of her case load deals with resolution through negotiation and round table work. Georgie operates a litigation case load but only in the very few cases where this is a necessary way of dealing with the needs of the case. Georgie applies a strict cost-benefit analysis on her cases so that clients are genuinely in a position to value the outcome achieved by the end of the matter.


  • Georgie’s reputation is based on her ability to use discursive practice to resolve cases with a cooperative approach wherever possible, allowing the parties the benefit of constructive outcome
  • Georgie is known for distinguishing between those cases that need litigation and those cases that really do not, being committed to outcomes based on the realistic difference between the two
  • She is particularly known for her creative approach and for working with clients where options appear limited and financial or emotional need/conflict is high


  • Ongoing round table negotiation of cases with business assets from £1m - £35m where prescriptive requirements are needed
  • Collaborative cases requiring a layered approach
  • Informal round table approach requiring a layered approach
  • Mediation in financial cases
  • Cases involving children disputes where there has been litigation previously for a number of years and which have been converted by Georgie into a multi-disciplinary approach to seek to change the unsuccessful pattern of recurring behaviour between parents
  • Complex pension cases involving the consideration of immediate versus deferred pension sharing orders, particularly with Police and force’ pensions
  • Resolution of financial cases which need to be issues-led to the parties’ needs
  • Cases where emotions run high
  • Resolution of cases where nothing else is working.


‘Georgie Hall is a standout lawyer. She has gone above and beyond for us, she is incredibly smart, very calm and strategic and has a wealth of experience. The first time I spoke to Georgie on the phone after meeting five or six lawyers in person, it was a real eureka moment that had we found someone who was both smart and who actually cared and was prepared to immerse herself in this case. We’ve found this throughout our engagement with her.’  Legal 500 [UK 2024]

‘Georgie Hall is empathetic and helped us see the bigger picture in the times where we were struggling to do so. She has guided us through the points where it felt like all was against us, and calmly moved the pendulum back our way through careful thought and strategy. Sometimes it was very hard and she was sensitive to that.’ Legal 500 [UK 2024]

‘Georgie Hall listened and explained and held our hands through all of it. We spoke to many people who tried to tell us to not use a solicitor and just spend money on a barrister. We are absolutely clear that we would never have been able to get through the last few years without Georgie. She has been indispensable. We would not be where we currently are without Georgie and the rest of Prettys.’ Legal 500 [UK 2024]

‘Georgie Hall goes above and beyond to support her clients. She shows compassion and empathy, whilst also remaining pragmatic and focussed on the goal. She takes the time to explain complex matters to ensure the client understands the situation, and is supportive of the clients position whilst also offering realistic advice.’ Legal 500 [UK 2024]