Webinar Date
Thu 17th September 2020

With very different working environments to those we were used to, the employee communication channels and processes you used to use may no longer be fit for purpose. And while we’ve all found ways to get by for the last few months, deciding how you will adapt your employee communications for the long term is not just about engagement, it’s about managing your legal and compliance processes fairly too.  

How will you manage new starters remotely? If you are managing redundancies, are your employee reps able to communicate confidently within a changed working environment? How do you manage disciplinaries and grievances via video? How do you successfully run new campaigns or projects when you can’t bring people together in one place? And, what happens if we go back into strict lockdown?

Matthew is joined on this webinar by Nina Metson, Internal Communications Specialist at Waddington Brown. Together, they look at employee communications from both the cultural and compliance perspectives. As well as providing their views on what employers should be doing.

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