As COVID-19 continues to raise concerns about the health and wellbeing of ourselves and of our loved ones, making a Will is naturally on the minds of many. 
Emma Woollard, Partner in the Wills, Trusts and Estates team at Prettys, explains how the firm has had to be innovative in order to get Wills signed and validated. The firm has always offered a service whereby they go to clients' houses, however this has become the new norm for current signings.   
Will signings are taking place through house windows, patio doors, either ends of a drive or long corridors adhering to social distancing. The firm is ensuring clients can get their affairs in order by any means necessary which is reassuring news for those without Wills in place who may be worried that it is too late. 
Rather than entering into a panicked decision, Emma recommends that you consider the following:

  • Who will you appoint as an executor to administer your estate?
  • If you have young children, who will you appoint as their guardian? And, what provisions will you make for them and what is the age at which you want them to receive their inheritance?
  • If you are a cohabiting couple, what provisions will you be making for one another? 
  • Are any of the beneficiaries disabled or do they lack capacity? If so, should you consider creating a Trust in your Will?

This information will allow you to create a basic Will that can help you get your affairs in order without the process becoming too chaotic at a time already full of adversity. 

If you would like to review your Will or make one for the first time then do give Emma a call and she can guide you through the process 01473 298342.

Emma Woollard