Issue 9

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Talking Works.  In this newsletter we focus exclusively on family law issues.  With the new school term starting, Victoria Mayhew considers how to resolve disputes over where a child should go to school and works through how mediation can help.  Georgie Hall provides an excellent 9-step guide to protecting children from bitter divorces. Matthew Clemence considers enforcement of Orders where one partner refuses to implement a court-ordered division of assets.  Finally, I consider the role of grandparents and their legal rights, which is fast becoming a growing area of law.

We hope you enjoy this edition.   

Kind regards

Georgina Rayment

Head of Family

Georgina Rayment
Partner, Head of Family, Mediator
Georgie Hall
Partner, Head of Private Client Services, Mediator and Collaborative Lawyer
Victoria Mayhew
Associate Solicitor, Accredited Mediator