Prettys is pleased to announce its participation in the Mediation Voucher Scheme announced last week by the Ministry of Justice in conjunction with the Family Mediation Council.

In an effort to increase uptake of mediation as a way of resolving family disputes, the MOJ will provide a £500 voucher towards the cost of a couple using mediation to resolve children disputes. 

To be eligible, a couple must have first each undertaken a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) to ensure they are suitable to proceed with mediation. On their behalf, their mediator can then apply for the £500 voucher towards the cost of the mediation process.

The promotion by the MOJ is designed to encourage more couples, particularly co-parents, to think about resolving issues outside court. During the pandemic, the court system has become increasingly busier and as a result it can take many months to resolve children disputes through court process. Mediation encourages dialogue, compromise and resolution in a much shorter timeframe and at significantly less cost.

Prettys’ Family Team is unique in that all of its solicitors are dual-qualified as mediators. The firm’s mediation practice is led by Victoria Mayhew, one of only a handful of accredited mediators in East Anglia.  She said of the new scheme: “This is a welcome opportunity to encourage more people to think about the benefits of mediation. Within the court process, decisions are made for you and may not be convenient or practical in the long-term.  Mediation offers a much greater sense of control and allows creative solutions between co-parents with the children’s best interests as the focal point.” 

For more information or to explore eligibility for the voucher scheme, contact Victoria Mayhew, 01473 232121,