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The international data transfer aspects of the data protection compliance regime are not getting any simpler. In fact, they have become more complex as a result of Brexit and case law decisions. Transfer of data to the US is now a particularly hot topic and affects many businesses.

Add to that the fact that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has announced that new model international transfer agreements need to be in place by 2024 (and earlier in some cases) and you have a reason to review how your business is handling international data transfers. All of this should also be looked at with a keen eye on cyber security issues.

The potentially bad news for UK businesses is that more jurisdictions than ever now regulate data. The good news is that many are using the GDPR approach as their fundamental model, so it is familiar to us. Starting to look at this now will allow you time to assess your situation and plan any necessary steps to ensure your business is compliant.

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Does this apply to your business?

Do you know the data transfer rules that apply to you? There are many potential triggers which suggest they may; here are just a few:

• You use cloud-based technology or software that is based in overseas (including some anti-virus packages or Amazon web services);

• You have a contract for business processing outside the UK;

• You have overseas branch offices

• You sell your products or services to individuals in other countries.

Click here to register for our free "International Data Transfers Webinar"

Prettys has a specialist data protection team, led by Emma Loveday-Hill (CIPP/E and CIPM), who offer bespoke advice to organisations of varying sizes on a full range of data protection issues. On 30 June they will be running a free webinar on International Data Transfers, to help businesses understand their position and identify their next steps.

While all are welcome, the webinar is likely to be of most help to people who have responsibility for data protection and contracts for their organisation, with or without the benefit of an in-house data protection specialist, and data protection officers who want to be up to date with international transfer requirements.

What will the webinar provide?

• A deeper understanding of the rules and when and how they apply

• A methodology as to what you can do to ensure your international data transfers are lawful

• An understanding of when you need to carry out impact assessments

• A very brief introduction to the way in which Prettys can support you in the future on data protection issues should you need it. This includes the option to sign up for our future free data protection events and information bulletins.

Click here to register for our free "International Data Transfers Webinar"