Help is at hand for local businesses that need some legal advice as a result of the devastating Covid 19 outbreak.

We are offering up to an hour of free consultation without obligation to assist and support local businesses

With an 80 strong team Prettys have served the local community since we were founded in 1906. As a recognised leader in commercial law and personal law we work regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our business experts are inviting local businesses to get in touch for free specialist advice with our lawyers who specialise in corporate and commercial, property, employment, commercial disputes and have first hand experience of advising on all aspects of business in which difficulties have arisen because of the Covid 19 outbreak.

Whether you have a question about business contracts, restructuring, employment matters or disputes that have arisen because of the pandemic this a chance to obtain free legal advice.

This offer is extended throughout April and May. To reserve a consultation please email or complete the application form on our dedicated website

To ensure that an appointment is booked with the right specialist you will need to provide your name, the nature of your concern, name of your business, business location, and of course your contact details.